The specific games that make up the Flobbys are known only to Bobby and Felicia, and that’s the way they want it so we can’t practice before the Games. They may take bribes for more information though, I haven’t tried.

There is one contest that they want us to know about, a Pajama Party! And since I’m in the naming things mood, I’ve christened this the Pajama Bowl.
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This is how Felicia describes this event:

Tasteful pajamas with undergarments if needed (see my note below), with funny socks/slippers.

This will be a family contest/discussion. Felicia will contact each sibling separately (don’t discuss with each other!) and ask for a couple of stories. For example: Who got left at a gas station on a road trip? This hopefully will prompt funny memories and the spouses will get to hear family stories.

There will be 2 winners for the cutest pajamas. Everyone will vote on their choice.

This is Ray talking now, not Felicia. First, I know all the guys have always dreamed about winning a cutest pajama contest, so start looking now for the perfect pair. Also, Felicia indicates that undergarments are optional. I, however, beg you to carefully consider your choice in this regard. Please. I beg you.